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I am Mathieu HANNOUZ and I am a Marketing and Customer Experience (CX) Technologist and the Head of Digital Experience Evangelism at Adobe. With over 15 years of experience in technology, marketing, and process management, I have built my expertise around helping organizations achieve their business goals through improved customer experiences. I am a Certified Digital Experience Professional as well as in CX.

Early in my career, I was compelled to combine technology and business. This combination has proven to help me carry technical conversations in the context of solving business challenges. Today I am passionate about how brands, whether digitally native or established, are redefining their business through digital marketing.

  • Why Experience Business?
  • I believe that creating delightful customer experiences should be at the heart of any commercial success. I have been working with several brands to help them align people, process, and technology with the objective to provide their audiences with the experiences they expect and deserve. With a background in Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Online and Offline Channel Optimization, and Customer Data Platforms, I am laser-focused on Digital Marketing and CX as a mean to achieve brand's Experience Business objectives. As I put my expertise and experience to use more broadly, I aim to inform and guide organizations around customer interactions, with personalization and engagement fueling the customer experience.
  • What you'll find on this blog are my thoughts on the Experience Business market, with a focus on bringing Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management together. I will organize my thoughts around two main sections: 

  • The Big Picture - where I discuss strategy - this section focuses on big ideas and processes and how to think of a customer experience-centric strategy that makes sense for both organizations and their consumers. This is a chance to step back, understand where the market is going, and make informed decisions on strategy, process, and technology.
  • In the Field - where I discuss execution - this section puts strategy into action as I discuss how to translate strategy into actions, including tactics, best practices, tips, and examples we see in our industry.

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Mathieu Hannouz is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional from the Digital Marketing Institute and the American Marketing Association.
Mathieu Hannouz is Certified by Forrester Research on Mastering Customer Experiences
Mathieu Hannouz - Marketing & CX Technologist
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